N2N Hosting
FREE Music Hosting & Sales

Yes, completely FREE. We host your songs in MP3 format for preview streaming and provide a virtual store front to sell your songs/albums in High Quality formats via digital download. We offer free UPC & ISRC codes upon request to identify your music and track your sales. Collect 90-100% OF YOUR SALES PRICE, don’t give it to third parties.  Hosting services usually charge setup, storage and processing fees beyond that of the payment gateway or the credit card processing fee. These fees add up and eat into your profits, some services charge more than 50%. N2N Productions provides this service FREE, no signup or hosting fee. The only fee collected is for credit card processing through PayPal’s secured payment gateway and can be designated to yourself or the purchaser. Giving you the ability to stream your music to the masses with a secure store front and earn maximum profits from your music sales.
Setting up your Store Front is quick and easy. We show you how to maximize your income by setting up a free “Micropayment” account with PayPal. Complete our application, agree to our terms of service and we do the rest. Including, embedding any requested codes, posting your music for preview & download, displaying your material such as video, bio/info and pictures to your own dedicated store front at N2N Hosting. All you need to do is copy the page link of your store front
to your FaceBook, Twitter and other Web and social media sites of choice.
Set your own prices
, accept donations or offer “give a way’s”, your music is under your control.
Perfect for school bands – youth and adult choirs – worship groups and charities for fund raising and promotion.
Your customers checkout easily and securely through your store front, then conveniently download their purchase all while expediting a seamless transfer of earnings to your account.
Our FREE Music Hosting & Sales Service is the easiest, most
efficient and cost-effective method to sell your music, maximize earnings and promote your presence on the web.